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If you are planning on taking the DANB's CPFDA® exam, you can benefit from this special bundle. Also, the course is available for 3 months. Is this enough? Generally, yes. Most students take 2-3 months to prepare for the dental assisting boards. Need more time? Not a problem. Email us at support@smarterda.com and we will extend the course for you, FREE of charge.

What do you get with the Prep Course for DANB's CPFDA® Exam Bundle?

You get 4 different courses for a discounted price.

1. Coronal Polishing 

2. Sealant

3. Topical Anesthesia

4. Topical Fluoride. 

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CP (Coronal Polishing) Exam 

  • Dental and oral anatomy (8%)
  • Oral prophylaxis (7%)
  • Objective of coronal polish (7%)
  • Dental deposits (15%)
  • Polishing precautions (15%)
  • Patient education and recordkeeping (10%)
  • Abrasives and polishing agents (8%)
  • Polishing technique (20%)
  • Infection control/OSHA protocol (10%)

TF (Topical Fluoride) Exam 

  • Infection control/OSHA protocol (10%)
  • Indications and contraindications for topical fluoride (30%)
  • Benefits of topical fluoride (15%)
  • Adverse reactions (10%)
  • Patient education (10%)
  • Fluoride preparations (10%)
  • Topical fluoride application (15%)

TA (Topical Anesthetic) Exam 

  • Patient preparation (10%)
  • Classifications (20%)
  • Precautions and contraindications (20%)
  • Indications for use (30%)
  • Placement of the topical anesthetic (20%)

SE (Sealants) Exam 

  • Purpose of sealants (10%)
  • Indications and contraindications for sealant application (40%)
  • Acid etching (10%)
  • Sealants (40%)

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This course is not sponsored or endorsed by or affiliated with DANB.

*Special: Prep courses for DANB's CPFDA® Exam [Discount, 4 Courses Bundle] includes these courses

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