How is SmarterDA different than other dental assisting board exams review courses?

SmarterDA gives you more at a better price.

  • All-inclusive pricing that saves you money.
  • More quizzes than any other online dental hygiene boards reviews.
  • Bite-size study guides with bullet points.
  • Personal support from the founders.
Is SmarterDA dental assistant exams prep course a book?

No. SmarterDA courses are online. This gives you the flexibility to study anytime on your phone, or computer. The overall content is the equivalent of a comprehensive dental assistant exams prep book.

Phone and computers are now the #1 tools North Americans use to read. You will find SmarterDA course extremely friendly to use, and you will absorb content very easily.

Can I get a refund if I fail?

Yes! We promise that SmarterDA dental assistant (online) exams prep course is 100% useful. But if you fail, you can ask for a refund. We take your success seriously! (Note that you should complete at least 75% of the course and pass all quizzes with an average of 75% to be eligible for the refund.)

What types of Dental Assistant exam prep course are available?

For the dental assistant boards, SmarterDA offers:

  • Radiology Prep Course for DANB's RHS® Exam and Regional Dental Assisting Exams
  • Infection Control Prep Course for DANB's ICE® Exam and Regional Dental Assisting Exams
  • General Chairside Prep Course for DANB's GC Exam and Regional Dental Assisting Exams
  • Anatomy Prep Course for DANB's AMP and Regional Dental Assisting Exams
  • Coronal Polishing Prep Course for DANB's CP and Regional Dental Assisting Exams
  • Topical Fluoride Prep Course for DANB’s TF and Regional Dental Assisting Exams
  • Topical Anesthesis Prep Course for DANB’s TA and Regional Dental Assisting Exams
  • Sealant Prep Course for DANB’s SE Exam and Regional Dental Assisting Exams

The courses are designed for you to pass the DANB's CDA®, NELDA®, and CPFDA® exams. If you are taking the AMT exam, all courses offered by SmarterDA will help you pass the exams. The course titles are different, but the content 100% applicable.

In addition, SmarterDA offers courses in emergencies, radiology, infection control, head and neck anatomy, dental materials, etc. separately. Those courses can be used while you are in the dental assistant program.

How much are the courses?

The courses are very affordable! SmarterDA courses are all-inclusive, meaning that you get study guides + quizzes + mock exams for one price. We don’t want you to keep opening your wallet; we want you to be successful.

What do you mean by all-inclusive and step-by-step?

Comparison: Other courses can charge you separately for the study guides, quizzes, and mock exams.

With SmarterDA, you get study guides + quizzes + mock exams for one price. We don’t want you to keep opening your wallet; we want you to be successful.

Is there an app version of SmarterDA?

No, SmarterDA is an online platform (browser-based) that adapts to your phone, tablet, and computer. If you want to use your phone, not a problem! In fact, 50% of our users use their phones to study.

Who are the creators and contributors of SmarterDA?

Claire CDA, RDH, BS, MS is the founder of SmarterDA. Other contributors are esteemed professionals in the dental and medical field which include:

  • Jasmine Haley, CDA, RDH
  • Dr. Jeong, DMD
  • Dr. Cynthia Yee, DMD, Periodontist

See the full list of founders and contributors can be found on the About Page.

How many times can I take the quizzes/mock exams?

As many times as you would like to. We want you to be successful, so we don’t put unnecessary restrictions.

Is there a FREE trial?

Absolutely. Each course has a FREE trial portion. Register (for FREE) and try it if the smart system is for you.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Don’t hesitate to contact Claire, the founder of SmarterDA dental assistant exams prep at ClaireJ@SmarterDA.com! SmarterDA does not sell you something and leave you without personal support. Claire answers all questions personally to make sure users are satisfied.

Can you extend my membership?

We will try our best to extend the courses, at no cost. Email the CEO at ClaireJ@SmarterDA.com or let us know using our contact form.

Can I share my SmarterDA account with another person?

No, it is 1 user = 1 account. SmarterDA automatically tracks your progress that should be kept for your records only.

How do I see my progress?

The smart system track many aspects of your progress.

  • Study guide: A checkmark will appear as soon as you click on “Got this, Next” button. You will slowly get all green checkmarks, that’s when you know you are ready for the exam.
  • Quiz: After completing the quiz, see your score in % (e.g., 80%). You can review all the questions, the correct answer, and explanations too.
  • Dashboard: Get an overview in % for each course you purchased. The goal is 100%!
How can I change my password? / I forgot my password!

Not to worry at all. Click on “Sign in” then find the “Forgot my password” area. You will receive an email with the detailed instructions that will get you back on track.

I just signed up. How do I access the course?

The best way to start you dental assisting exam prep courses is to go to the dashboard. You will find the courses you have access to. Example: If you purchased the Prep Course for DANB's RHS® Exam from us, find it inside your dashboard.

I still have questions. Help!

Ask us anything using our contact form or email us at support@smarterDA.com.