Prep courses to pass the DANB's CDA® (Certified Dental Assistant™) exam by SmarterDA

Why is SmarterDA an excellent choice?

SmarterDA prepares you for the DANB's CDA® Dental Assisting Exam by providing all the 3 components you need. This smart bundle will save you money. It is a 25% discount compared to purchasing the RHS® exam + ICE® exam + GC exam separately. 

We understand that taking the exams is a costly investment. We hope that you can take advantage of this discount.

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How long is the course available for?

If you are planning on taking the DANB's CDA® exam, you can benefit from this special bundle. Also, the course is available for  1 year. Is this enough? Generally, yes. Most students take 2-3 months to prepare for the dental assisting boards. 

You can also use our courses as an extra resource to prepare for school exams!

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What do you get with the Prep Course for DANB's CDA® Exam Bundle?

You get 3 different courses for a discounted price. (The DANB's CDA® exam is composed of 3 smaller components: CDA® exam = RHS® exam + ICE® exam + GC exam)

1. RHS® Exam (Radiology)

2. ICE® Exam  (Infection Control)

3. GC Exam (General Chairside)

With SmarterDA, you get everything.

***Each course is also sold separately at $78 (per course). The bundle saves you money and effort. 

RHS® (Radiation Health and Safety) Exam of the DANB

  • Expose and evaluate (26%)
  • Quality Assurance and radiology regulations (21%)
  • Radiation safety for patients and operators (31%)
  • Infection control (22%)
  • Total Cost: $250 (if purchased separately)

ICE® (Infection Control) Exam of the DANB

  • Patient and dental health care worker education (10%)
  • Prevent cross-contamination and disease transmission (20%)
  • Maintain aseptic conditions (10%)
  • Instrument processing (15%)
  • Asepsis procedures (15%)
  • Occupational safety (30%)

GC (General Chairside) Exam of the DANB

  • Collection and recording of clinical data (10%)
  • Chairside dental procedures (45%)
  • Chairside dental and lab materials (13%)
  • Patient education and oral health management (10%)
  • Prevention and management of patient emergencies (12%)
  • Office operations (10%)

NOTE: You must pass those three exams to receive a DANB's CDA® certification. Those exams can be taken together, or separately.

SmarterDA is 60-70% less expensive than the other online option, but 100% effective. Even dental assisting program directors love SmarterDA! 

Happy studying! #FutureDA #SoontobeDA

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