You asked, we listened, and created a solution.

Dental assistant program faculties, students, and practicing assistants wanted an efficient exam prep solution. Here are their comments and the solutions we came up with.

Some other courses are expensive.
$38+ ALL-INCLUSIVE solution (study notes + quizzes + mock exam).
I need to save time because I have a second job.
Study on your phone or computer, on the go.
The book is too overwhelming.
Straight to the point notes with keywords. Everything is focused on what you need.
I hate it when the explanations don’t provide enough information.
Explanations that are comprehensive. Learn more with each question.
I have anxiety about the exams.
Practice like the real computer test. Mock exams for DANB’s RHS® exam, ICE® exam, GC, AMP, Topical Anesthesia, Topical Fluoride, Coronal Polishing, and Sealant exams.

SmarterDA is an effective ALL-INCLUSIVE solution if you are preparing for the dental assisting board exams. It is NEW, but that’s a good thing because we are dedicated to personally help you through the process.

Before the website even launched, hundreds of students had signed up for the waitlist. This is a sign that a new all-inclusive solution was needed.

SmarterDA’s founders have another successful online test prep solution - StudentRDH (Dental Hygiene Exams Prep). They took StudentRDH’s best practices and customized a solution for the dental assistant exams.

Now, happy studying! We wish you #SuccessandNothingLess

Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

I have a passion for education and success. I am grateful that users are trusting StudentRDH and SmarterDA to achieve their goals.

  • Master’s Degree in Administration from Boston University, MA
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene, MCPHS University, MA
  • Past education specialist at Boston Children’s Museum, MA
  • Speaker, writer, and advocate on topics related to “test-taking” and “learning efficiency”
  • Expert in “memory tricks” for dental knowledge (as seen in Howard Farran Podcast)
  • Author of e-book Wake Up Memory
  • Founder of StudentRDH (Dental Hygiene Exams Prep Online Solution)

One of my favorite testimonials from a user who successfully passed the exams is, “studying is now addictive.” I promise to always care for your goals and make SmarterDA online dental assisting exam prep solution your partner for success.


Here's a list of our highly-esteemed contributors.

Jasmin Haley, CDA, RDH, BS
Founder of BeyondtheProphy
Dr. Cynthia Yee, DMD
Periodontics Specialist, Adjunct Faculty
University of British Columbia
Dr. Steve Doyle, DMD
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
Dr. Jeffrey Lee, MD
Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Richard Lee, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Hongsheng Liu, DMD, MS, CAGS
Endodontics Specialist
Claire Jeong, RDH, MS
Founder of StudentRDH and SmarterDA
Dr. Jeong, DMD
General dentistry
Co-founder of StudentRDH
Success Stories
Kayla, NY
SmarterDA is much better – very simple and focused on what I need.

When I was moving, I realized I needed to take the CDA® certification exams of the DANB. I contacted SmarterDA from their waiting list, and Claire (Founder) responded, and I became a test user.

SmarterDA helped me for the RHS® (Radiology Health and Safety), ICE® (Infection Control), and GC (General Chairside) dental assisting board exams.

The notes are extremely well organized. Everything is simple with keywords. I was overwhelmed by the Modern Dental Assisting textbook. SmarterDA is much better – very simple and focused on what I would see on the exams.

I am sure that others will find the web courses helpful too!

Radiology Course
(Radiology Health and Safety)
Infection Control Course
(Infection Control)
General Chairside Course
(General Chairside)
Amanda, CT
“The mock exam is what you really need.”

I did not know where to start. I did not even know which exam I needed to take to start practicing as a dental assistant student. So I emailed the founder of SmarterDA and she was very kind to guide me through the process.

Then I used SmarterDA to study for the DANB's radiology exam. The study guide is just everything you ever need. Nothing more nothing less.

The mock exam is what you really need. It has the same amount of question as the DANB’s RHS® exam, and you get an accurate feel for the actual exam.

Radiology Course
(Radiology Health and Safety)